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About Us

Where innovation meets sustainability to shape the future of housing


  • Mission: Terrafermah focuses on driving down housing costs in NZ through innovative, vertically integrated solutions.

  • Approach: Leveraging a unique synergy among five specialized entities, Terrafermah enhances project delivery, cost efficiency, and scalability.

  • Innovation: Terrafermah has been the recipient of the NZ Govt. Callaghan innovation,  funding for its innovative R &D focusing on Modular housing systems, C4 slab system as well as Smart housing using AI, IoT and biometrics to enhance occupant outcomes.

  • Partnerships: Develops house and land for NZ governments Kainga Ora, is a Kainga Ora House panel builder, works with NZ Iwi and has international supply chain and OSM manufacturing contracts with some of the world's largest companies.

  • Technology: Utilizes and develops proprietary housing building systems protected by patents, recognized through NZ government’s Multiproof approvals.

  • Commitment: Chooses a 30 – 50 year long term mission over short term commercial gains.

Learn More: Click here for full details on Terrafermah’s approach and ethos

Terrafermah design
Terrafermah logo
Modulock interior
Modulock logo


  • History: Modulock has been a trusted NZ house brand for over 50 years. Modulock built the NZ commonwealth games village in 1974.

  • Innovation in Construction: in the 1970s Modulock was a pioneer of slotted timber panel construction systems . In 2020’s Modulock Modular Housing revolutionizes construction by integrating global design with robust engineering, adhering to NZ/Australian standards.

  • Global Partnerships: Collaborates with Panasonic Home Japan and Modulare HAUS China to enhance modular housing technology.

  • Sustainability and Quality: Focuses on creating durable homes that meet modern environmental standards and consumer expectations.

  • Benefits: Offers rapid construction solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, and of high quality.

NZ Government Compliance

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensures all construction complies with stringent NZ government regulations for safety and quality.

  • Efficiency: Utilizes approved systems for expedited building consent processes.

       Modulock homes are built by NZ Construction Ltd- a sister company


Learn More: Discover more about Modulock Modular Housing innovations

Learn More: Read further on NZ Government Compliance in housing

Pioneering the future of inspired living constructions


Redefing prefab housing in
New Zealand
Exclusive partnerships
and unmatched quality

 13 m2                26 m2                       39 m2                           52 m2

Floor plans available for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom and living  


  • Global Collaboration: Engages with top international partners to bring low cost small house high-quality prefab solutions to NZ.

  • Quality Assurance: Implements strict quality control, including a 69-point check by Intertek to ensure excellence in every home.

  • Community and Craftsmanship: Combines global innovation with local design, adhering to strict NZ CCC standards.

  • Beyond Compliance: Homes are designed to exceed NZ’s building regulations, promoting sustainability and longevity.

Learn More: Learn more about Modulare HAUS and its commitments

Floor plan
Modulare 20
Modulare 40

NZ designed housing manufactured in Japan by Panasonic Homes
A vision of the future

Modulock Prime HAUS

Modulock PrimeHAUS combines over 30 years of NZ experience with over 60 years of Panasonic housing expertise. Since 1963 Panasonic Homes, has been renowned for its durability, innovation, and resilience, and now intends to revolutionize the New Zealand housing the Toyota Landcruiser of housing. Panasonic Homes embodies toughness, reliability, and longevity.

Through a strategic joint venture formed in 2020 with Toyota named Prime Life Technologies to build towns of the future, Panasonic Homes is dedicated to crafting the houses and cities of tomorrow.

This partnership leverages the best of both worlds—Toyota's and Panasonic's unparalleled manufacturing expertise—to create homes that stand the test of time.

Learn More: Explore Modulock Prime HAUS  innovative housing solutions

Panasonic home
Panasonic factory
Panasonic home

Modulock Prime HAUS


A new horizon in affordable housing at a MiHome Village

MiHome Villages


Welcome to MiHome Villages

MiHome Villages represent a revolutionary approach to affordable housing, specifically designed for those aged 55+ and individuals with disabilities.

Our mission is clear: to provide low-cost housing solutions that do not compromise on quality.

These clusters of dwellings are not just homes; they're the beginning of a new chapter for those seeking comfort, affordability, and a community tailored to their needs.

Learn More: Explore MiHomes villages and their innovative housing solutions

MiHome Interior
MiHome Interior
MiHomes logo
MiHomes logo
MiHomes exterior
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